What coding bootcamp did I choose ? Part 1

So last year I have decided to learn programming languages so that I would be able to understand how things work and build my own Website.

Before I started looking I already had notions of what HTML and CSS were. When I started my career 15 years ago, I used to work on webmarketing. My job was to keep the website updated with news, prices or products. At that time, people used to call me a Webmaster.

I had different interactions with Web Developers but never needed to open a text editor more complex than “notepad” from Windows XP. I just asked them to do and they did do. No question asked.

So, when the time came to take the path to learning web development I started searching on google “what to learn to become a web developer”. Oh boy …. after 5 min I was already lost.

So many new words appeared in my life like, Javascript, Ruby, Java, Node. I was very confused and spent quite some time trying to clear things out.

Best thing I did at that time was to call my friends and talk to them about my project. Two of them gave me the contacts of web developers (yeah real ones that are not afraid to share information with a newbie).

I had a very interesting conversation with each one of these two guys and started to understand that I needed to learn javascript and then dive into Node and React.

With these invaluable information I started searching for a training course… 

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