My first post – When it all started !

One year ago, in April 2018, I started looking for a new path, both career and way of living my life.

The country where I wanted to move with wife and kid was already decided. I just needed to deal with what I was going to do there.

I knew already I wanted to learn more about Web and Mobile Development cause I have always been kind of a geek. 

So I started looking for bootcamps that would give me the knowledge to understand and be able to build by myself a website. 

Today, one year after, I can say I understand and I am able to develop my own web and mobile Apps with React/React Native (I wasn’t even aware of the existence of React or Javascript at that time). 

And hold on tight, I am presently opening a Coding Bootcamp to help people realize their own project.

Who would have bet on that one year ago ?


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